The American Promise Value Edition Combined Volume Sixth Edition
The American Promise Edition Sixth  Combined Volume

The American Promise, Value Edition, has long been a favorite with students who value the texts readability, clear chronology, and lively voices of ordinary Americans, all in a portable format. Instructors have long valued the full narrative accompanied by a 2 color map program and the rich instructor resources of the parent text made available at an affordable price....

Information American Spirit Side Charging Upper Receiver

Information American Spirit Side Charging Upper Receiver
Information American Spirit Side

This provides a much safer operation than the alternative. Requires a bolt carrier with a proprietary notch cut which is not included with upper receiver. By relocating the charging action to the side, as opposed to the rear of the receiver, the shooter can maintain a sight position and shooting position while charging the chamber with ammunition. At American Spirit Arms we're proud to offer our industry-leading Side Charger Receiver. This receiver was designed as one of the most highly desired options for the AR-15. You may send your bolt carrier to American Spir Mfg: American Spirit Arms SPECS: Compatible with all Mil-Spec Lowers and most Billet Lowers on the market, Compatible with all calibers that fit in the AR15 platform (6.8SPC, 6.5Grendal, 7.62x39, 300blk, etca /) , Not compatible with .22 conversion kits, Compatible with any rail/hand guard system (Rail/hand guard syst. Additionally, the charging handle on our side charger receiver does not reciprocate with the action of the bolt.

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Information American Spirit Side Charging Upper Receiver


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