Ethics Desk Reference For Counselors 2nd Edition
Ethics Desk Reference Edition 2nd Counselors

The second edition of this highly practical and easily understood handbook provides counselors and students with the means to quickly apply the 2014 ACA Code of Ethics to practice and to professional roles and activities. It contains on point recommendations for each standard of the Code, a decision making model, and a listing of ethics resources. Part I presents each section of the Code, along with a brief commentary that emphasizes its most essential elements, common ethical dilemmas and...

Valued Ashworth Corner Top Chestnut Brown

Valued Ashworth Corner Top
Valued Ashworth Corner Top Chestnut Brown

Chestnut brown. 59W x 59D x 30H. Clean with a soft, dry cloth - Our timeless Ashworth Collection brings back the good old days. Engineered wood, wood veneer, poplar wood, metal. With a beautiful chestnut stain, this versatile hardwood desk top is further testament to old-fashioned quality.

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Valued Ashworth Corner Top Chestnut Brown


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